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split Immoral Discipline / Dead On The Streets "same" EP 7" (lim. 100, red)

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Immoral Discipline was formed in Washington D.C. in November of 1986. The first half of the eighties of one of hardcore’s nests had been abandoned. But while most elders moved into slower, melodic tunes, Immoral Discipline resurrected the hard living, hard drinking, hard driving tunes that DC helped push. Immoral Discipline has left its mark on the US Oi! scene throughout the decades. Immoral Discipline was there from the beginning. They recorded the 5-song demo tape "Boots and Braces, Stars and Stripes" in November of 1987. That tape remains a classic in American Oi! among a scene mired in recycled clichés and chords. Two songs also appeared on the infamous Link Records compilation "The U.S. of Oi!" from that recording session. These songs forged an imprint that still riles up skins and punk to this day.

After some line up changes, a new line-up recorded the band`s two EPs: "Battlefield" (Smash! Records/D.S.I. Records) and "Immoral Discipline" (Smash! Records) at Black Pond Studios in Rockville, MD in 1988. Two songs from this studio session were also featured on the Oi!Core Records compilation "The Spirit of Oi! American Style".

The band tore up the East Coast playing with such varied acts as Agnostic Front, Half Life, The Adolescents, Leeway, Biohazard, Forced Reality, Best Defense, Uniform Choice, Warzone, Black Market Baby, Government Issue, Anti-Heros, Youth of Today, The Exploited and many more. After more line up changes, the band’s final incarnation of Immoral Discipline played several shows together and recorded 12 songs in the studio that were planned on being released as an LP. The band broke up in August of 1989.

A retrospective CD of the band`s recorded material was released on D.S.I. Archives in 2011. As buzz around the CD began to grow, Shawn decided that it was time to reform the band. But by then most of the past members had moved to different states. So Shawn, with blessings from past members, recruited a brand new line-up and headed up to Hartford, CT to play the 1st annual 2000 Tons of TNT festival (with original lead guitarist, Bill Gerber joining the band on stage). More shows were lined up over the next year, with great bands such as Stormwatch, Steel Toe Solution, Broken Heroes, Hub City Stompers, Pharmacists, Unit Six, The Traditionals, Iron City Hooligans, Warrior Kids, and Offensive Weapon to name a few.

Shawn Garard Leahy leads his band with a reignited fire in 2014. Immoral Discipline continues to play shows up and down the East Coast and is currently writing material for a new album. Here we get two new tracks of spit and fire. Unrelenting, abrasive Oi! steeped in 80’s vigor, “Riff RAF” and “Stay at Home Skinhead” pummel the speakers with tight riffing and bold drums. Simple formula, but energetic delivery and skilled playing reigns on these songs. You can hear how a band who didn’t quite get the notoriety has influenced 20 years of American Oi!.

Dead on the Streets climb out of Pittsburgh PA. They bring a punkier sound with their two songs. DOTS has only been slinging the strings for one year, but hammer out well seasoned songs here. Sing-a-long choruses and brash guitars fuel this band. In terms of music, Dead on the Streets play tunes akin to The Boils, especially, sprinkled with The Wretched Ones, Oxymoron, Wisdom In Chains, Discipline, and Anti-Heros. Songs about working and its toll on the body and mind are their bread and butter. DOTS has begun to play shows along the East Coast and gather momentum. Watch Out!

Legendary NYHC artist, Craig Holloway, has created an original cover art that captures the ethos and feelings of both bands. Working class men stand at a factory time clock, feeding in their time card with blood and sweat. Bold colors and stark imagery puts this up with Holloway’s vivid collection for Wisdom in Chains, Merauder, Skarhead, and Agnostic Front.

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Gatefold cover
300 Black vinyl
100 Red vinyl
100 Milky Clear vinyl with Blood Red Splatter
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