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Those Rats Bastards "Loose Change and Broken Dreams" 7" (lim. 100, silver, DL C.)

Réf produit: SOTS 181SILVER
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Not a wild curse, but a highly welcome label newcomer: THOSE RAT BASTARDS from Brisbane with their debut punch. Some old label buddies here: Bassist Viktor has been a label-family for MOUTHGUARD-times and drummer Cam had draw three VANILLA MUFFINS 7 “ covers for us right now. So all the old buddies, in addition to the correct attitude: „The trio were born out of a love of great Oi and punk music and going out with a few beers and laughs“. You probably do not have to translate … The band was already founded in early 2013, the line-up was re-sorted a few times, until finally the firm trio lineup had rummaged together. Two songs are on the 7 „,“ Grind you down „and“ Wahey „. The first is a dangerous bootboy, Knuckledragger with a malicious Oh-Oh-Oh-Chorus (aggro-feeling guaranteed) and the latter falls into the „a going out and having a fun night“ section, a humourous zecher & party anthem with brisk sole The 7 „is thus divided into a bad-tempered and an extremely good-humored side. These two songs sums perfectly the feeling of Oi!/Streetpunk: The angry one and the drunken one.

Grind you down

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