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Riot Company "Drunk`n`Rude" LP (black Vinyl, lim. 100, DL code)

Réf produit: SOTS 185-BLACK
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Catchy Melody Streetpunk made in Hildesheim/Germany, the "Antifascist Skinheads" returns 6 years after "Passion Punk Rock" with another long player. "Drunk`n`Rude", full length # 4, presents 14 songs, english sung. Gritty DROPKICK singalongs, strong choruses, skankin Offbeat side steps, a relaxed splash of RANCID, the right melodies with a bouncing UK`82 charm: A well done Missing Link between early OXYMORON and HATEFUL with a serious local note and hard stands ("Boneheads stay out! "), Social and scene critical ("Dear old Enemy No. one“,“Punk sell out "etc.), rebellious-angry deep from the heart. But additional there’s a good dose of Fun included: „Lift up your glasses!" is for all you drunks out there. "Drunk`n`Rude": The powerful soundtrack for "Endless Nights", 40 minutes of kickin’ Streetpunk Power. Be rude, be drunk!

Several Hours
Antifascist Skinhead
Punk Sellout
Endless Nights
Bare-Knuckl Conversation
Don`t wanna go
Wake up
Dear old enemy #1
Liftup your glasses
Victim of society
Semper Fi
Sometimes love leaves a broken man
Riot Army
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