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Lion`s Law "The Pain, the Blood and the Sword" LP (black)

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Lion`s Law - The new Album 2020


Take a blender, toss in some classic Oi!, streetpunk and hardcore, and get ready to enjoy a completely fresh flavor of raised fists and powerful sing-alongs. This album shows the true songwriting prowess that defines Lions Law. It`s a barrage of anthems set to permeate a full spectrum of the world`s Oi!, Punk and Hardcore scenes; further defining and bringing their own trademark sound to new heights; with no boundaries! Open your ears, play it LOUD. Yes, PLAY IT LOUD!!! ...and let these sons of Oi! come and get you!!!! This vinyl is transparent royal blue with heavy red splatter!


Release Date: 24.04.2020


(HFMN / 2020)

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