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Gonads,The "Charlton Boys" EP 7"

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("Nothing we do goes entirely to plan. We blame the beer". Exklusiver 5-Tracker der notorischen Gonads um Gary Bushell, gewidmet ihrem verstorbenen Mate Chris Slattery (einem der ersten Skins unter den CAFC-Supportern). Thematisch geht es wieder um den Skinhead-Kult ("Backstreet Army"), Fußball (ganz speziell natürlich die Charlton Athletics), die Working Class, es gibt eine Hommage an die Kindheits-Idole Thin Lizzy ("Warriors") und als Abschluß rockt ein fröhlicher Punkabilly-Stomper `Valley Floyd Road`... kommt mit Beiblatt. Randale 2011)

("The Charlton Boys e.p. is a `love letter` to the past that also looks forward to the Gonads` future. The five track vinyl gem is dedicated to the memory of Chris Slattery, RIP, who was one of the first skinheads at Charlton Athletic`s ground, The Valley in the late 1960s, and an all-round top boy. The title track is a celebration of our loyal CAFC following and Gal`s own memories of the Old Covered End in the 1970s. `Backstreet Army` is about skinheads, the working class cult which was spawned in South London from a marriage of English and Jamaican street styles. Skinheads can now be found the world over: mistrusted, feared, misunderstood, but never beaten. `Indestructible Wolves` is a taste of our newer songs which we are writing for the studio album we will record after Greater Hits Volume 2 is released next year. `Warriors` is a homage to the great Thin Lizzy, who were another childhood influence on all of us. And `Valley Floyd Road` should have been a Ska song but we went a bit nuts in the studio and it turned out punkabilly! But that`s the Gonads for you. Nothing we do goes entirely to plan. We blame the beer" (The Gonads). Randale 2011)

Side A:
-Backstreet Army
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