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Clear Cut "Kids are innocent" EP 7" (lim. 300)

Réf produit: SOTS 190
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(“Bologna Oi! Connection“! Clear Cut are a brand new outfit from Bologna, Italy, feat. members of local combos. Here is the very first release (there was not even a demo ...) w/ heavy aggressive Blitz guitar sound with a very grim edge; Hammer and the Nails, Rixe or Live by the Sword come to mind. Raw, brutal and simple. Topped with a melodic vocal line, not the expected grizzly roaring. And that makes the difference. And brings a classic 80`s Oi! Feeling into it. Rough`n`catchy: killer combination! Four songs are featured on the single, three of them sung in English: "Hope & Glory", "Rapist" and "Guilty as charged". The last number, the anti-drug statement "Contro la paura" ("Against Fear"), is sung in italian. Bologna Power Oi! with 13 minutes playing time, "Voice of a generation" in 2017. Limited to 300 copies. SOTS 2017)
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