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Brutal Bravo "Hate the Kids" LP (black)

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All Brutal Bravo Releases on one 12inch-Vinyl. Must have of that awesome Band from Freiburg/Germany.


A1 I Hate The Kids

A2 Paying The Bill

A3 I Don`t Like You

A4 Love Song

A5 The Last One Of Your Kind

A6 I Drink Alone

A7 No Ballads In Oi!

B1 Brutal Bravo Über Alles

B2 Flick Knife Attitude

B3 Leftovers

B4 Boredom

B5 Back on Attack

B6 Cut The Crap

B7 Dead Locked

B8 Saint George Boot Boys

B9 Warning You (Bonecrusher) Live @Pogorausch Dresden 2022


500 x black

500 x yellow marble

45 x black with screen printed Cover

10 x yellow marble with screen printed Cover


(Contra Records / 2023)

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