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Assault & Battery "same" EP 7" (lim. blue + download)

Réf produit: 017702

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(Debüt 7“ der „Beer City Street Rocker“ aus Milwaukee (mit satt Vorgängerbands im Stammbaum: Get Rad, Brutal Dildos, Reckless Reasons, Since by Man, Schwill Rotten, Cry Coyote, and The Stillettos etc.), sechs Songs der Schnittmenge American Oi! meets Hardcore: Patriot meets Slapshot meets Gorilla Biscuits. „We are band based off of most sub cultures united by friendship and brotherhood. No politics, no bullshit we just came to party“ (Band info). Blaues Vinyl + Download Card. One Track Mind 2013)

Side Assault:
1. Beer City`s Best
2. Fake Skin
3. We Are

Side Battery:
4. Wasted Nights
5. Knuckles Up
6. Proud and Free

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