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Thekenprominenz "Wenn wir die Letzten sind" CD (DigiPac, lim. 1000)

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The long runnin` German Skinhead outfit (kickin` the streets since 2004) with their third full length album, 12 Oi!/Punk anthems from East Germany`s wild southeast. Strong german lyrics about the Way of Life, the Daily Life and of course about Booze. Topped with raspy vocals and heavy guitar riffs, this album is varied and entertainin` in the same way. And there`s no problem for non-germans: the music stand for itself, you can feel the Aggression and the bunch of drinks. It`s the international language of Trouble and Fun. THEKENPROMINENZ 2017: 42 minutes of massive Bootboy power for the serious and cheerful moments of life. Remember? Havin `a say and havin` a laugh! Yes!

Sound der Straße
Auf Sand gebaut
Renee Blues
Und wenn ich der letzte bin
Szeneapostel (Thekenprominenz feat. Durstige Nachbarn)
Sieger sehen anders aus
Die letzte Party
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