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Suburban Rebels "Barcelona Oi!" LP+Fanzine (lim. 200, red)

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This project took us 2 years. We had to search for old fanzine cuttings with band interviews, band pictures, gig posters, a decent copy of the demo to send to the studio to be remastered as the original recordings on DAT, was re-recorded with a band live set and lost. Loads of ups and downs, but we finally got everything together. Suburban Rebels has been an important part of the Oi! scene in Spain, formed back in the early 90`s by 2 skinheads, 1 punk and a mod. The band recorded this demo tape in 1996 entitled "Barcelona Oi!" that sold a few thousand, a fast recording in a studio where the engineer was trying his new P.A and recording table that just arrived that day with the band. Suburban Rebels had a strong Cockney Rejects influence in their early days, that`s why we did a cover that might remind you to a Cockney Rejects single, wonder which one?. This record comes with a 20 page fanzine including band biography in spanish and english, cuttings from fanzines, pictures, the lyrics, etc... plus two free Suburban Rebels PVC stickers and a Free A3 full colour poster with the first 200 records. A deluxe release. Evil 2015
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