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Stage Bottles "One World - one Crew" EP 7" (lim. 500)

Réf produit: 016496
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(SB 7" mit 4 Tracks: Der Titelsong ist eine Special Version/Gemeinschaftsproduktion mit diversen Gastsängern (Roddy Moreno (The Oppressed/GB), Attila the Stockboker/GB), Enrico (Los Fastidios/I), Monchi (Feine Sahne Fisch Filet/D), Thomas (Loikaemie/D), Fred Alpi/F), Sylvain (The Prowlers/Canada), Milan (The Bayonnettes/Serbia) und Igor (What We Feel/Russia), dazu gibt es drei weitere exklusive Tracks (darunter das 7 Seconds-Cover "Young til I die"). Limitiert auf 500 Exemplare. Mad Butcher 2013)

(SB 7 "with 4 tracks: The title song is a special version/co-production with various guest singers (Roddy Moreno (The Oppressed / GB), Attila the Stockboker / UK), Enrico (Los Fastidios / I), Monchi (Fine cream fish fillet / D), Thomas (Loikaemie / D), Fred Alpi / F), Sylvain (The Prowlers / Canada), Milan (The Bayonnettes / Serbia) and Igor (What We Feel / Russia), plus there are three exclusive tracks (including the 7 Seconds cover of "Young til I die"). Limited to 500 copies. Mad Butcher 2013)
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