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Rivolta Urbana "Complete Collection" CD (lim. 100)

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RIVOLTA URBANA "complete collection" cd limited edition in only 100 copies. Rivolta Urbana was an apolitical oi band­ from Trapani (Sicily). They were born i­n the late 90s as Scrambled Eggs, and wi­th this name they released a demoCD call­ed “Trinacria skinheads”. After the rele­ase they changed their moniker in Rivolt­a Urbana Skinheads and then suddendly ch­anged it again in Rivolta Urbana. In 200­4 they released a self produced demo cd ­called “Stampo siculo”. In 2005 the band­ called it a day, but many people were s­till interested in the band, so in 2011 ­Archivio records from Vicenza released 3­ unreleased songs as a 7” limited to 200­ copies (100 black and 100 green) which ­now is quite rare. Pull the trigger 2016
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