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Oppressed, The "Antifa Hooligans" EP 7" (lim. red)

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("United we stand!". Erneutes Lebenszeichen von den Waliser Veteranen, der Vorruhestand wurde abermals unterbrochen...Auf der EP liefern Roddy & Co. drei brandfrische (aufgenommen im März 2011) Cover-Versionen von den Los Fastidios, Maytals und Hot Chocolate (!) ab. Mad Butcher 2011/2015)

(The Oppressed were just a skinhead band who hated what nazi politics was doing to the scene. They didn`t want to make a stand but what else could they do? Roddy decided to fold the band in 2006 because, "I`m gonna be 50 this year and you can only sing Ultra Violence so many times."Mad Butcher 2011/2015)

1. Antifa Hooligan (Los Fastidios)
2. Monkey Man (The Maytals)
3. Brother Louie (Hot Chocolate)
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