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Oldfashioned Ideas "Another side to every story" LP (lim. 400, black)

Réf produit: 019922

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The swedish three man army with their fourth album so far - which is slightly different from the others. Of course it`s still the hard hitting Punkrock which the band did before and of course the Boys from Malmö sound brutal and aggressive, but something has changed on "Another Side To Story". Something which reminds me to the glory days of PERKELE`s masterpiece "Confront" which was released about 10 years ago. Just imagine when the "old" sound of OLDFASHIONED IDEAS would be like a Mike Tyson fight back in the days they now step into the footprints of Muhammad Ali in his prime. Still hard, but very catchy - Violent melodies for Punks & Skins. Contra 2016
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