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Last Warning "Voll Damm Boys" LP+Poster+Fanzine (lim. 265, black)

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LAST WARNING Voll Damm Boys was originally released back in 1998 on CD format only by Real Punk Records, a sub-label from Bronco Bullfrog Records in Ibiza, Spain. This was the debut album for this Valencia (Spain) based skinhead Oi! band, with a real good bass line and rough voice. Was the first ever Spanish OI! band to cover a hardcore song, they recorded WARZONE`s "Sound of Revolution" for the album, next to a few other covers from The Business (which was sung by Andy Capp from Street Music Gazzette, who didn`t know he would have to sing until he went to visit the band with Mark at the Studio session). LAST WARNING released only 2 Cds, and never any vinyl. This vinyl release includes the recordings of the "Voll Damm Boys" CD plus 2 other tracks that were recorded in the same studio session but never saw the light, it`s two DECIBELIOS covers who were supposed to appear on a DECIBELIOS TRIBUTE album back in the days, but never made it. The cover artwork is similar to the CD one but with some changes and a great artwork done by David Subcultural who has been working with Evil Records for a few years now. Great quality cover on 350 grams with 3mm spine, the release features a 16 page full colour fanzine with the band biography, both in spanish and english, the lyrics, band pictures, cuttings and other stuff. It also includes a full colour poster of the band. Great release with the Evil Records quality guarranty. Evil Records 2016
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