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Join The Rejects "Your Place" MLP 12" (lim. 165, black)

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Join The Rejects hail from Valencia, Spain and shares members with the Glory Boys that come out of the same city. In 2011 Join The Rejects released their first 12” EP on local labels Crowbar and Actua Records and now the boys are about to release their second 12” on Czech’s very own Vinyl 4 Bootboys Records entitled “Your Place”. Vinyl 4 Bootboys 2015

Side A:
1. Bajo riesgo 4:04
2. Fuera de control 3:29
3. Smash the hard reality 2:52

Side B:
4. Viejas glorias
5. Your place
6. Boot boys

Pressing info:
10x testpressing in surprise color
165x black 180-200gram vinyl
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