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Hairdryers, The "Obsessions" MLP 10" (lim. 425, black)

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"The Hairdryers" debut is ready! The HairDryers Born in 2011 as a band of Punk with Rock tendencies, classic bands as: 999, Social Distorsion, The Jam, Vibrators, Cock Sparrer, Templars, Dictators, Slaugther and The Dogs, Ramones, Molly Hatchet, Lynkyn Skynyrd... are a few of the many bands that influence their sound. Common People 2015

The total edition are 525 copies (100 of this on limited yellow vinyl, the rest in black). Format vinyl is a MLP 10” with 6 tracks. Tracklist: “Settling Accounts”, “Heat Guns”, “Save The Vinyl” , “One More Lie”, “Moments Of Pain” y “Obsessions”. “Heat Guns”

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