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Glory, The "We are what we are" LP (lim. 350, black)

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Originally released on LINK RECORDS in 1988, this album has been re-issued on CD several times but never back on vinyl. We have been in touch with two of the band members, Mark "Timmo" Timson (Vocalist) and Mark McGee (Guitarist), both of them wrote almost all the songs of The Glory and we asked them to help us with this release we licensed from Captain Oi!. Both of them sent us pictures of the band which we used for the insert pages, Mark McGee wrote us a band history that you can find on the backcover and Mark "Timmo" Timson wrote all the lyrics so we could include in the record. This is a thing we love including in our releases, specially for Oi!sters from abroad that have it difficult to understand the songs if they don`t have some lyrics to read and translate. The album includes two bonus tracks taken from the "Skins and Punks" Vol. 3 compilation. We just couldn`t leave out "Violent World" and "England`s Glory", this last song is a top classic of the band since their early days. Evil 2015

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