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split The Barons / The Incited "Songs from the Mason-Dixon" CD

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(Solider 12-Song Split zweiter U.S. Oi! Combos aus Delaware. Die Barons aus Wilmington rocken einen bärbeißigen Oi!/Southern Rock-Sound mit Schwerpunkt "Spirituosen"("Kicked out of this bar before") in Richtung Bruisers/Wretched Ones. Newark`s Incited gehen es etwas strammer an und servieren trinkfest-scharfkantigen Skinhead Rock`n`Roll mit Hooligan-Sympathien (darunter das Anti-Heros Cover "The tradition"), fest verwurzelt im "Spirit of `76". 4 Subculture 2011)

(Delaware double impact by two outfits from the "First state". 12 hard hitting U.S. Oi! tracks: The Barons do it in a Booze fueled Oi! meets Southern Rock-style. The Incited prefer a more aggressive Skinhead Rock`n`Roll sound and include a Anti-Heroes cover. 4 Subculture 2011)


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