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Stage Bottles - Power for Revenge CD

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("Sometimes antisocial but always antifascist!" Neues Album der Frankfurter Klassenkämpfer um Frontmann Olaf mit 8 englischsprachigen Botschaften. Nachdenklich, kämpferisch, rebellisch. Themen wie gehabt: Antifaschismus, Fußball, Skinhead, Kapitalismus. Aufgrund von Besetzungswechseln konnten im Sommer lediglich 8 Songs fertiggestellt werden, die umbesetzte Band arbeitet aber bereits an neuem Material. Mad Butcher 2010)

("Sometimes antisocial but always antifascist!" Germany`s antifascist Skinhead Pioneers with a new line-up and a new album. 8 rebellious tracks with english lyrics versus capitalism, Football, class war etc. "This album was recorded in summer 2009 at LFT-Studio. A short time after we finished recording these eight songs, Simon left and a few weeks later EasyDan did aswell. So to continue playing gigs we`ve had to practice with our new drummer (Olaf No.2) and our new guitarist (Slavko). That`s the reason for releasing only eight songs on this album. But while you`re listing to this album, we already started to write new songs" (Band info). Mad Butcher 2010)


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