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Broken Heroes "Make Oi! great again" CD (lim. 300, DigiPac)

Réf produit: 021001
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They`re back!! Classic `80`s US Oi! outfit Broken Heroes are back with 13 brand new hard hitting working class Oi! anthems... Step-1. 2017

1. Built to Last
2. Murder on My Mind
3. Beer Run
4. Something Special
5. Working Class Slob
6. This Ain`t For You (featuring Hub City Stompers)
7. We Never Run
8. Violence is the Answer
9. Ain`t No Good
10. Walk Tall (Semper Fidelis)
11. Good Times
12. 15 Pints (You`re Still Ugly)
13. Overnight Love Affair (featuring Hub City Stompers)
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