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No Man`s Land "No way back home" LP (lim. 350, orange)

Réf produit: 019669

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(Indonesia Oi! Veteranen (gegründet 1994) aus Malang mit ihrem siebten Album! 12 rockin’ UK Style Bootboy Stomper mit englischem Text, geht in Richtung The Warriors. Kommt inkl. Bonussong. Aggrobeat 2016)

(Oi! from Indonesia, established in 1994. Their 7th full-length! 12 great Oi! stomper with english lyrics and powerful voice. Co-Production between a french and a dutch Oi! Label. Aggrobeat 2016)

A1 United Oi!
A2 Don’t Know Why
A3 Malang Nominor
A4 No Way Back Home
A5 BB Punk
A6 Glory Days
A7 Jack Meler
B1 Taken Away
B2 Degeneration
B3 In The Trap
B4 20 Years Of Oi!
B5 Our Lives
B6 Tell Lie Vision
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