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N.Y.C. Mayhem "For real" LP (lim. 500, black)

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(NYHC Classic! Big Apple Super Group feat. Tommy Carroll (pre-Straight Ahead, Youth of Today) and Craig Setari (pre-Straight Ahead, Rest in Pieces, Agnostic Front, Sick of it all) with 25 songs made ??in 1985: Furious ultra-fast Stop’n’go-Trash in the vein of Ludichrist meets D.R.I. meets Straight Ahead. 500 copies with 12-page booklet. Radio Raheem 2014)

1. Necropolis (City Of The Dead)
2. Deathwish
3. Wardogs
4. Taken By Storm
5. Mayhemic Destruction
6. Adrenalin (demo)
7. Necropolis (City Of The Dead) (demo)
8. Ashes To Dust (demo)
9. Body Bags (demo)
10. Ripped To Shreds (demo)
11. Taken By Storm (demo)
12. Intro
13. Your Mind

14. Insecure
15. Violent City
16. Want Authority
17. Not
18. Body Bags
19. P.B.M. (Phony Business Man)
20. Corrupted
21. We Stand
22. Fill Out The Form
23. Epileptic Death
24. Nothing Song
25. Life Of Riley

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