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H2O "Thicker than water" LP (lim. clear)

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Since their formation in 1995, H2O has released five full-length albums (and one tribute album) and toured every nook and cranny on planet Earth. Their highly acclaimed second album, "Thicker Than Water," originally released in 1997 on Epitaph Records, resonated with classic elements of East Coast hardcore and West Coast melody. Bridge Nine Records is excited to re-press this essential album that has been out of print on vinyl for years. LP includes digital download. Bridge Nine 2012

1. Universal Language
2. Everready
3. Talk Too Much
4. I See It In Us
5. Sacred Heart
6. Innocent Kids
7. Scarred

8. This Time
9. Friend
10. A+
11. Phone Song
12. Responsible
13. Wake Up
14. Thicker Than Water
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