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Coldside "Outcasts, thugs and outsiders" LP (lim. clear)

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In 2013 American hardcore band Coldside `had enough`, luckily enough for you and me they weren`t talking about making music, because early 2015 Strength Records is proud to release Coldside`s brand new full-length "Outcasts, Thugs and Outsiders"!

Again these thugs bring you a perfect blend of New York and Blood For Blood-like hardcore with skullcrackin` rage, dual vocals, gang vocals, guest appearances by NYHC legends Roger Miret and Freddy Madball on the title track, a surprising cover of Darkbuster`s "Skinhead" and rounding it up with a live version of Iron Cross` -madefamousbyAgnosticFront- "Crucified"! All this on a 25 minute rollercoaster ride of pure anger and energy for all you outcasts, thugs and outsiders out there! Strength 2015

including lyric/picture sheet

01 - We Bring The Streets
02 - Outcasts, Thugs and Outsiders
03 - Sever The Ties
04 - Burn The Ashes
05 - Siege
06 - Step The Fuck Up
07 - Truth Means Nothing
08 - Cold World
09 - Change The World
10 - Skinhead
11 - Crucified

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