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Hard Resistance "1994-2014 Retrospective" DoCD (lim. DigiPac)

Réf produit: 3481574550868

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(All songs come in a new and explosive sound. Blast from the past and relive those crazy old days! WTF 2014)

1. Bag Of Thrash
2. Stand Back
3. Wake Up
4. Humanity
5. Who Pays Your Bills
6. Sad Reality
7. Religion & Hate
8. Just A Fake
9. Friendship
10. Respect

1. Out Of Credits
2. Release The Brakes
3. Parasite
4. Engine Of Hate
5. Run For The Door
6. Tonight
7. Scratched
8. On Your Knees
9. New World Order
10. Chaotic Worldwide Insanity
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