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Final Prayer "XY" MCD+DVD

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With the 10 year anniversary ahead, FINAL PRAYER is able to look back on some crazy years of compassion, friendship and hard work in a blooming hardcore and metal underground scene. Trying to give a slight impression of what those years looked like, the band wanted to create something special and ransacked their flats for old videos and pictures for a ten years anniversary release. Endless hours of self-recorded tapes were found and brought together – much more than expected. So the band looked for help for the growing project and found it in ambitious films. With the help of such a experienced company the aim of a video-documentary became reachable. The video sequences were complemented with lots of interviews of close friends and partners of the band. The result is a one hour video documentary with lots of information and a deep personal view on FINAL PRAYER. Beside the view on the past years, FINAL PRAYER also wanted to show the actual musical state of the band. For this reason, four new songs were written and recorded, on which the band again demonstrates their versatility of combining new melodic choruses and sing-alongs with the heavy tunes FINAL PRAYER is known for. The result of this process is a ten years anniversary release which is available via Let it Burn Records on limited 10” vinyl + DVD, MCD + DVD and as digital download via Acuity.Music. Release-date will be the 12th of december, followed by a tour at the end of the year. Let it burn 2014

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