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Discipline "Stake your claim" CD

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Back on the Terraces ... The Eindhoven Hooligans (feat. Merijn Verhees, ex-Banner Of Thugs / The Young Ones / Sparrow Falls on vocals) with a high quality feedback without experiments in their well known style : Bully Singalong street punk, catchy anthems at it`s best. Fist-in-the-air, mate.Sometimes they added a tormy Old School HC vibe for the extra punch. 11 own numbers, plus a bruisin` version of the `77 Melody punk Charmers "Your generation" by GENERATION X. Aggro feeling combined with the right melodies give us a power package. No ifs or buts: The claim is staked again, the Dutch Troublemakers have retaken their throne. FFO: Bruisers ("Show us the ropes" is a splendid set "Till the end" remake), Stars & Stripes and of course Discipline. Rebellion 2016)
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