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Court Martial "Singles & Demos 81/82" LP (lim. 100, orange)

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+ Fanzine 30x30 cm, 8 page with biography and Simon (Court Martial) interview by Shane (Vice Squad)

Court Martial was formed in Bristol in 1980 all its components while still in school. His second six-track demo was good and made it finally became part of the catalog of groups RIOT CITY. Gotta get out was the first EP which took Court Martial in 1982. This work consisted of the songs "Fight for your life", "Young offender" and that gave title to the disc. The sound of the EP was undeniably eighties but not be as fast as their previously mentioned influences. Except for "Young offending" Court Martial style was more rhythmic. A fourth theme, "Your war" was included in the compilation Riotous assembly where other bands appeared with the company as Vice Squad, or Chaos Uk Abrasive Wheels, among others. The band was not much lavished live because of its short existence, but still came to share stage with bands the likes of Chelsea, Vice Squad, The Undead, Chron Gen or Chaos Uk. Being in the same city, they maintained good friendship with both the Vice Squad and the Undead, to the point that some members of Court Martial collaborated on some works of the aforementioned bands. The new EP of the group appeared in the same year 1982. Entitled No solution, again edited three songs Court Martial, these being "Too late," "Take control" over which gave name to the disk. No solution sounded better than its predecessor even though in the end they failed to have the producer who originally wanted (Mike Stone, who had worked with GBH and Discharge), because the high price of his engagement would have caused not receive any royaltie for work. Court Martial sounded faster than in their first EP and subjects had better arrangements. But the result of No solution was not as expected and that impacted sales were not good (even so, between the two EP`s who edited even sold the not inconsiderable figure of 7000 copies). Despite having in mind recording a new EP, Court Martial in crisis because some of the components lost interest in music and even got to try different singers before finally separated. Vomito 2015

ONLY 300 copies
100 Black vinyl
100 Orange vinyl
100 Ultratransparent
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