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Chaos "1980/86" LP (lim. 200, red)

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30x30 12 pages booklet with extensive liner notes, pictures, etc. Vomito 2016

A1 Oi The Song
A2 Just Having Some Fun
A3 Paintfull Pleasure
A4 Billy Is A Bootboy
A5 Auschwitz
A6 Kill Kill Kill
A7 Harry Roberts
A8 Mutant Sex
A9 We´re Pissed Off
B1 Chaos
B2 Soldier
B3 Lost Saviours
B4 Tribal Warfare
B5 Action Man
B6 What`s On Next
B7 Hey You
B8 Vietnam
B9 Pressure

300 copies on Black vinyl

A1: Live at the pied bull 5th august 1980
A2 - A7: Demo, Trax Studios (June 1980)
A8: Live Oddys club Oldham 12 may 1983
A9: Live at Feltham football club 9 sept 1983

B1 - B3: Demo, Eating Community Centre (21st May 1983)
B3 - B6: Alaska Studios (26th October 1983)
B4 - B6: released as 7" single
B7: released on Who? What? Why? Where? When? compilation.)
B8 - B9: Demo, Ram Studios 24th August 1986
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