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Brassknuckle Boys "Anthology" DoCD (lim. 300, DigiPac)

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(Die kompletten Studio-Recordings der Midwest Oi!sters, angefangen vom "Fighting poor" Demo über die Alben "American bastard" und Appalachian Industry" bis zu den beiden Tracks vom Split mit Stomper 98. Insgesamt 24 Songs, verteilt auf zwei CD`s. Sound-mäßig in einer Liga mit Those Unknown und Beltones, schwer von den Stiff Little Fingers beeinflußter American Street Rock`n`Roll mit aufrechter Blue Collar-Attitude. Limitiert auf 300 handnummerierte Exemplare im DigiPac. Rebellion 2013)

(The Complete Studio Recordings of the Midwest Oi! Sters, from the "Fighting poor" demo, the "American bastards" and "Appalachian Industry" albums to the two tracks from the split with Stomper 98. 24 songs in total, spread over two CDs. U.S. Streetpunk`n`Roll in a league with Those Unknown and Beltones, heavy influenced by SLF and with anupright blue collar attitude. Limited hand-numbered to 300 copies in DigiPac. Rebellion 2013)

Fighting Poor (1999)
1. Fighting poor
2. Rise up, sign up
3. For you, mom
4. I can find out where you live American Bastard (2001)
5. Untill that brother dies
6. Sunday morning coming down
7. Fighting poor
8. Boulevard of broken dreams
9. Murder or manslaughter
10. Jimmy Coonan
11. Busted & Disgusted
12. Vultures
13. From my heart
14. Vet named Ted
15. First signs of light
16. The voice
With Friends Like These (2002)
17. Thousands are sailing
Any Fate But Submission (2002)
18. Vultures
19. Ballad of Lucas Wells
20. American girl
Appalachian Industry (2009)
1. Appalachian industry
2. Green fields of France
3. Ballad of Lucas Wells
4. Day after day
5. Don’t you ever leave me
6. By the throat
7. New amendment
8. New York mining disaster
9. Fire on the plains
10. The pilgrim
11. Once you go rat
12. Our little secret  
Songs About Fighting (2009)
13. Fighting poor
14. At least it seems
15. Land of the free
16. For you, mom
17. I can find out where you live
18. Jimmy Coonan
19. Taking back the streets
20. Make the list
21. Rise up, sign up
22. Can’t kill the blues  
Stomper 98 / Brassknuckle Boys (2012)
23. Manhoods only kings
24. Constitution, constipation

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