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Bishops Green "A chance to change" CD

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Does BISHOPS GREEN really need any further introduction? I don`t think so either, but we at REBELLION RECORDS sure as hell are damn proud to present you guys the brand new sophomore album by Canada`s leading street punk band entitled "A CHANCE TO CHANGE"! With this album the band found a bridge between their raw and powerful debut EP, the passionate and resistful "Pressure" LP and their wild and rowdy live shows capturing it all on "A Chance To Change" with eleven songs on the vinyl version and twelve tracks on the CD version (as you will find below)! So what are you still waiting for?! Rebellion 2015

1. Lost Generation
2. Specter
3. We Got Nothing
4. Resistance
5. Government Lies
6. Dead and Gone
7. Caged
8. Defiance
9. Ship To Shore
10. Invisible
11. Can`t Walk Away
12. Soldier

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