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Angry Agenda,The "Here comes trouble" LP (lim. 175 red)

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("Kill `em all!" Eine frische UK Oi! Truppe aus dem Argy Bargy-Umfeld präsentiert ein famoses Debüt-Album! "Here comes trouble" erfreut mit 10 rauflustigen Hooligan-Gassenhauern mit schwerer Stiff Little Fingers-Schlagseite und grimmig-melodiösen Gewalttäter-Singalongs. Step-1 2014)

("Kill `em all!" Strong Debut full length by Watford`s own Angry Agenda (close buddies of Argy Bargy) with 10 violent Hooligan/Oi! singalongs! Extreme catchy, melodic and absolute angry! Sounds like an thug version of Stiff Little Fingers. Trouble on the terraces, mate! Step-1 2014)

The Outer LP sleeve has a deluxe high gloss finish. The printed inner sleeve contains full lyrics for every song. Printed on 140gsm paper and 160g vinyl records Shrinkwrapped cover.

75 Black Vinyl
175 Red Vinyl
175 Red/White/Blue splatter Vinyl

Side 1
1.Kill `em all
2.Here comes trouble
3.Knock him out
4.Us and them
5.Hard times calling

Side 2
1.Black bag
2.They say
5.Breadline Britain

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