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Albert Fish "Still Here!" CD

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(Lisbon Streetpunk Kicker! "Still! Here" ist eine kompakte Zusammenstellung, hier werden die 7"/Vinyl-only Veröffentlichungen der letzten Jahre erstmals auf CD zusammengeführt. Konkret die Songs der "City Rats" EP, der 4-Way split "Liga dos Últimos" sowie der Splits mit Klasse Kriminale, Sistema und Grito, als Bonus zwei bisher unveröffentlichte Tracks. 11 Songs insgesamt, bissiger California Melody Streetpunk mit englischen Texten. Westcoast Feeling unterlegt mit portugiesischer Note, Generators meets Adolescents meets Albert Fish. Special Moment: Der Gastauftritt von Suspiria Franlyn (Les Baton Rouge), welche ihre zauberhafte Stimme auf dem Track "Rotten Love" erklingen lies. SOTS / Raging Planet / Infected 2014)

(This is the new album of the veteran band from Lisbon, which fights the good fight for the Underground scene since 1995. Having performed in hundreds of shows during their career, with tours all over Europe and Brazil, and done back-to-back releases in several countries, Albert Fish are a reference in the Punk Rock scene from Portugal. Although five years have gone by since their last official release, Albert Fish never stopped recording and releasing new material. Not by a long shot. “Still Here!” is a compilation of all those moments, bringing together for the first time, in a CD, all the originals that the band has released in several recordings only available, until now, in 7’’ vinyl format. In “Still Here!” we find songs from the “City Rats” EP, from the 4 way split “Liga dos Últimos” and from the splits with “Klasse Kriminale”, “SIStema”, and “Grito!” Further enriching this compilation are two previously unreleased tracks, which make their debut in this album. And don’t forget the special appearance of Suspiria Franlyn (Les Baton Rouge) which lent her vocals to the track “Rotten Love”. This album was edited by Infected Records and Raging Planet, in Portugal, and in Germany by Spirit Of The Streets (thanks to which it will be internationally distributed by the british label Rough Trade). Every track was recorded, mixed and mastered between 2011 and 2013 in the Cotrim/MP Recordings studios, by Paulo Vieira. SOTS / Raging Planet / Infected 2014)


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