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Mad Caddies "Dirty Rice" LP (+ download)

Artículo el número: 017383

Mad Caddies "Dirty Rice" LP (+ download)

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(Like well-seasoned wayfarers, the Mad Caddies have spent years roaming the musical landscape and thoughtfully collecting ingredients from the varied regions they encounter. A scoop of reggae, a pinch of ska, a dash of Dixieland, a splash of ragtime, all mixed into a punk-rock stock and finished with a dollop of pure melody; the Caddies cook up an olio of music like no other. "Dirty Rice" is the band`s first output in seven years and combines a hodgepodge of elements into a tasty crave-inducing platter, from the absolute classic Caddies up-tempo-punk-meets-Dixieland sound on "Bring It Down," to the reggae/dub components of "Shoot Out The Lights" and "Dangerous," to the Beatles or even Squeeze influenced "Down And Out." Now available on vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download. Fat Wreck 2014)


1. Brand New Scar 2. Love Myself
3. Down And Out
4. Shoot Out The Lights
5. Dangerous
6. Bring It Down

7. Shot In The Dark
8. Little Town
9. Airplane
10. Callie`s Song
11. Back To The Bed
12. Drinking The Night Away
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