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Wolf Bites Boy "Family isn`t always blood" LP (lim. 200, black)

Artículo el número: 019122

Wolf Bites Boy "Family isn`t always blood" LP (lim. 200, black)

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Filled of anthems and some inevitably singable lyrics. Amongst other surprises, it features with the collaboration of FISH SKEPTIK (The BUSINESS) on guitar in some songs and the English ska band ROUGH KUTZ, too. 12 great tracks compose this album. The layout and design have been very well done. It includes insert printed double sided and color photos and lyrics, too. Wolf Bites Boy are a strong injection of pure oi / punk essence, wich allow us to glimpse an alive scene for many years. 300 limited hand-numbered edition: 100 in “clockwork” orange (setting with the album cover) and 200 in black.

These three musicians of Stoke/Sheffield (England), after being part of 90’s punk bands as Senseless, AWOL and Living Dead (among others), they bet big with this new project: WOLF BITES BOY. Their sound is powerful, original and with all this essence of the english Oi! and street punk classics. They’ve just released an EP, which it’s part of the soundtrack of "The Mothertown", they also appear in several compilations and splits, and still working for another soundtrack movie, etc.

Fight To Live 2015

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