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Evil Conduct "That old Tattoo" PicEP 11" shaped (lim. 1000)

Artículo el número: 018187

Evil Conduct "That old Tattoo" PicEP 11" shaped (lim. 1000)

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In many ways, the photo of this little gem speaks for itself. Everyone loves a shaped picture disc, but throwing it in a printed PVC sleeve really takes it over the top. Truly fitting for this fine tune, by one of Europe’s most popular Oi! outfits. Similar to the way that this Dutch band first formed in the 80’s but really exploded out of the gate with the album debuts in the early 2000’s, “That Old Tattoo” came out in the summer of 2014 on a split with GIMP FIST (Randale Records), and become an instant classic. Tattoos are central to this band, as Han, the singer/guitarist, is himself a tattooer; something brought to life in the fantastic video for this song. ( It’s hard to believe that this track was only released in 2014, as it’s quickly become a fan favorite, and very much a crowd favorite at gigs all across Europe. On that note, the B-side is a raucous rendition of their 1986 (demo) “Ultra Violence”, recorded live in 2014, at Wild at Heart (in Berlin).  Pirates Press 2015

That Old Tattoo

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