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Perkele "Leaders of tomorrow" CD (JewellCase)

Artículo el número: 4260307012090

Perkele "Leaders of tomorrow" CD (JewellCase)

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Five years after the fine "A Way Out", Sweden`s street punk heroes PERKELE are finally back with a new album. And as usual hit after hit follows hit, so that even some English genre legends are jealous of Scandinavia. The symptomatically titled "Leaders Of Tomorrow" contains ten very varied songs, which reach new sounds and depth. PERKELE have clearly developed, which old fans will be happy about and which will surely also provide for many new listeners. This time all songs are in English and from Punk to Rock and Metal. And of course gibt´s again the big hymns in chord!

Hard but warm, PERKELE in top form!

No.  Title   playing time
1 Winner   03:42
2 Negative to positive 03:41
3 Break out break free 04:08
4 Leaders of tomorrow 03:57
5 Miss U   04:05
6 One day   03:41
7 Far away  02:51
8 When you realize 04:33
9 Mistakes  04:05
10 Stand by you  04:55

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