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Last Crusade "same" LP (lim. 300, black + MP3)

Artículo el número: 019205

Last Crusade "same" LP (lim. 300, black + MP3)

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Comes with printed innersleeve and download coupon

It was only at the end of last year that the British-Canadian connection LAST CRUSADE surprised us with their amazing four track demo, four tracks we had to get out on vinyl as soon as possible! Now the band is ready to unleash their debut album to the masses, question is: are you ready? Because the band’s self-titled debut album is without one of the, if not the, best Oi! records you will hear this year! Musically it will remind you of some of the best work the Templars have ever recorded or the French glory days of the 80’s! If you love Oi! music and you only have money left to buy one more record this year, this is the one to get! A true must-have!

Side A
01. One Of Us
02. Sick Society
03. Morally Bankrupt
04. Vengeance
05. Who The Fuck Are You (Subway Thugs)

Side B
01. Looking Back
02. Nowhere To Go
03. Deadbeat
04. Survive

300 black
300 red
100 milky clear
40 testpressings

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