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Fear City "Our way of life" LP (lim. 100, black)

Artículo el número: 019454

Fear City "Our way of life" LP (lim. 100, black)

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Fear City needs no introduction into the world of Oi! This Chicago skinhead outfit has been on the Oi! Map for quite a few years. This record release marks the 10th Anniversary of the band and is fitting that it is the first time that "Our Way Of Life" has made it to Vinyl, along with 2 bonus tracks that were never on the original release.

Comes with ultra great renewd artwork and some very deluxe colour configurations

This is a co-release with CCM (USA)

Pressing Info:
100x black
200x Blue/White/Blue Tri-Color (Chicago Flag)
200x blue with white splatter
15x Test Pressing


1 Old Glory
2 Heros
3 Skinhead Drama
4 South Side Pride
5 Side By Side
6 FCS Anthem
7 Beer Goggles
8 Working Class Struggle
9 Chicago Oi!
10 Victory
11 Hippy Scum
12 One More Day
13 Don`t Turn Your Back
14 Fear City
+ 2 bonus songs
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