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Topnovil "Blast the Stereo" LP (lim. 200, black/green marbled)

Topnovil "Blast the Stereo" LP (lim. 200, black/green marbled)


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TOPNOVIL have been causing trouble in the Australian punk scene since 1997. Describing the band's sound as "fast, melodic and catchy" is perfect, but it's hard to imagine what that means. So the cross-comparisons were made and a bit of name-dropping: If you like the two absolutely brilliant albums by LARS FREDERIKSEN AND THE BASTARDS, love THE UNSEEN or THE CASUALTIES from the "We are all we have" phase, you are 110% certain to have one in TOPNOVIL new favorite found! Aussie punk rock with fat singalong choirs, razor-sharp guitars and pissed off vocals. The sound that makes you want to roll down the window and drive around the neighborhood drunk, or at least break something. The disc is the band's vinyl debut in Europe; "Blast the Stereo" was released on CD in 2013, but only in Australia at the time. Contra Records 2014

Limited to 500 pieces
100 black,
200 black-green speckled,
200 black and green halved

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