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Red Alert "We`ve got the power" CD

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Hailing from Sunderland, Red Alert were signed to No Future Records and this 28 track collection includes not just the whole of their debut album but also all of their non LP singles cuts for the label to give a comprehensive round up of all of the bands recordings for No Future. Available on CD as a full colour picture disc (with an 8 page booklet) and also released on both black and red vinyl complete with a lyric insert.".

We`ve Got The Power / Crisis / Weekend Warfare / They Came In Force / Rebels In Society / Third And Final / You`ve Got Nothing / S.P.G. / Foreign Affairs / Campaign / The Art Of Brutality / Smash Your Chains / Industrial Slide / It`s Me Boys/ BONUS TRACKS / In Britain / Screaming At The Nation / Murder Missile / Take No Prisoners / Empire Of Crime / Sell Out / City Invasion / Negative Reaction / There`s A Guitar Burning / The Dust Has Settled / Tranquillity / All The Way To Glory / The Revolution Will Come / Cast Iron`s Crusade
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