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split Hard Evidence / Dog Company "same" EP 7" (lim.400, black)

Artikelnummer: 019828

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Oi! the Boat and Cadre Records are proud to bring you two of the best American Streetpunk bands on one split 7". In the last couple years both of these bands have delivered to amazing full-length releases. Hard Evidence burst onto the scene in 2014 with "Last One Standing," a catchy, driving record with big guitars and a grit that so many bands only chase after. That same year Dog Company released "War Stories," their latest release and many would argue best release to date. Frontman Joe Blow`s vocal range and melodies have long been known to the scene, but that release captured the band`s strength at simple song-writing while delivering straight up punk rock`n`roll better than most anything we`ve heard in the scene for years. Why the history lesson? This is both bands` first release since those gems, and they pick up right where they left off! Both `Ard Ev and Dog Co. are bands to have in your permanent rotation and this split is sure to get play. Blast it! Oi! The Boat / Cadre 2016
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