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Gaggers, The "Instant Low" EP 7" (regular cover)

Artikelnummer: 017231

Gaggers, The "Instant Low" EP 7" (regular cover)

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(Well, here it is – the record you have been jonesing for quite some time. Ladies and germs – the brand new Gaggers 7”!!! Two brand new tracks – the A-side is from the upcoming new full-length ‘Blame You’ and the B-side is exclusive to this 7”. Textbook Gaggers here: snotty, nasty and urgent as ever. Razor sharp punk rock that will give you a taste of what’s to some on the new LP. There are 2 versions of this. The regular version is the Marilyn sleeve and the limited version is the close-up face printed on clear acetate. No fron teeth 2014)

Instant Low
Gagging For You

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