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Staggers, The "The sight, the sounds, the fear..." CD

Artikelnummer: 670142500128
12,90 €

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Well finally! After being out of print for a few years, we`re happy to announce that this classic punkabilly album, The Staggers debut record, is back in print. w/ new bonus tracks, photos, improved layout and 3 neat-o-b-movie music videos.... Fans of everything from punk, oi, rockabilly, psychobilly, country, and even the odd spaghetti western music afficionado will love this one. Covers of R & B hero Lloyd Price and Chicago punk greats M.O.T.O, that will knock both your socks and your pants off. More Joe Blow and his acoustic guitar, low fi, tin-can country tracks as well as a bonus. A must have folks! www.hauntedtownrecords.com
Haunted Town Records
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