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TailGunner "Soundtrack of our Lives" 10" (lim. 100, black)

Artikelnummer: 017365
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(10" from Canadian streetrock`n`roll band TailGunner, which will be called "Soundtrack Of Our Lives". Vinyl 4 Bootboys 2014)

Side A:
01. Beer Bottles And Broken Homes
02. My City
03. Soundtrack Of Our Lives

Side B:
04. Street Rock´n´Roll
05. Trust
06. Streets Of Montreal

Pressing info:
100 black
150 yellow/red splatter
10 testpress

Review Backstreet Battalion:
Ten inch LP of the Montreal based band with ex members from Street Troopers or Gutter Demons is out on Vinyl 4 Bootboys (but you may listen to the songs on http://tailgunnermtl.bandcamp.com/) and the title of the album is same as the last full length from Red London (2002). On LP you may listen to six songs called Beer, Bottles and Broken Homes, My City, Soundrack of Our Lives, Street Rock´n´Roll, Trust (which is partly acoustic) and Streets of Montreal (which is cover from Street Troopers). In the booklet is written that the band plays in six with three guitars (fuuu like Iron Maiden!!!) and allo members (except drummer) are changing in vocals. The band has short break in playing (these songs were recorded in February 2013) but nowadays they are back and they are playing gigs (and I hope that they will do some European tour). Their music is calm punk rock with normal vocal, many sing-alongs and tiny and mighty guitar solos (like in Trust, My City or Street Rock´n´Roll). Bass is also playing solos. Rhythm is middle/faster and the title song Soundtrack of Our Lives and Trust are great hits. Lyrics are about the music of three chords which become soundtrack of our lives and which will be with us till death, love to your city in spite of the fact that your band can´t play here and you are banned from every place, style which band plays and which never be PC and never be on MTV but the band likes their reality which they live in or chaotic life which you live but even you have pride, honor and values. LP is limited to 250 copies (100 black and 150 with red/yellow splatters) and it is dedicated to friend of the band who passed away last year. Inside are all lyrics, photos and thankslist. I am glad that the band is back (and that they are here “„to play punk rock for the working class“) and also that these songs were physically released. Who likes the first album will not be disappointed from this piece.
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