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Rogue Troopers "Class Decline" LP (lim. 350, silver)

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Heavily impressing with both their self-released demo in 2015 and 2016’s “Boots On The Ground” EP for Foreign Legion Records, Massachusetts’ own ROGUE TROOPER are definitely in a league of their own! Now the troopers are back and they come out guns blazing with their debut LP for REBELLION RECORDS – “CLASS DECLINE”!
Now I know we aren’t even halfway through the year yet, but I know for certain that “CLASS DECLINE” will end up high in yearlists worldwide. Because where ROGUE TROOPER’s previous work was heavily impressive, this LP will blow you away! With smart lyrics, a well thought out sound and catchy, boisterous anthems, these young guns can definitely gather themselves among the select few we dare to march off the beaten tracks of Oi! music, while undoubtedly delivering a future classic! This is the new breed of American Oi!

Rebellion 2018

150x black vinyl
350x silver vinyl
12x testpressing

Including doublesided insert and metallic silver print on jacket

A1 The Squeeze
A2 Army Of One
A3 Class Decline
A4 Where Are The Townies
B1 Tough Shit
B2 Structural Steel
B3 Head Against A Wall
B4 Rebel Without A Job

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