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Hammer And The Nails "same" 12" MLP (lim. 400, clear) (gold print + Poster)

Artikelnummer: 021285
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HAMMER AND THE NAILS are one of Boston’s finest Oi! bands out there! Recording and mixing in the true spirit of ‘Do Oi! Yourself’, the band released one modern classic after another, each selling out with the blink of an eye! Therefore REBELLION RECORDS is proud to release the band’s latest installment, a brand new same titled 12” maxi-EP

“CONTROLLED REBELLION” contains an intro and three new anthems. If you loved their previous releases (and we know you do), this is an absolute must-have because we guarantee you that it’s their best work to date!

Rebellion 2018

400x black
400x clear
200x gold
includes gold ink printing, insert and poster

A1 Icepicks coda
A2 Controlled rebellion
A3 Hook line sinker
A4 Ought
Programm repeats on side B
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