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Deafness By Noise"A long way down" CD (lim. 500, DigiPac)

Artikelnummer: 019818

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One of the first ever STRENGTH RECORDS releases was DEAFNESS BY NOISE‘s fourth album, the double album “Noize Deaf Forever / Roots Baby Roots”! Now four years later we are happy to present Croatia‘s finest hardcore outfit‘s newest record “A LONG WAY DOWN”, the band‘s first full-length to appear on both CD and LP! The new album features eleven brand new, yet old school, hand grenades, for everyone who likes his hardcore loud and rowdy! Included is the superb "A Tribute 2 A Friend", a fantastic hommage to the late co-founder of STRENGTH RECORDS, Onno Cro-Mag! Killer album through and through! Strength 2016

1. The Crooks
2. Renegades
3. Major City Brain Damage
4. All Systems Down
5. A Tribute 2 A Friend
6. Over The Top
7. Means To An End
8. Sledge Hammer
9. Cancel Your Dream
10. 85 Knots
11. A Long Way Down
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