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Corpse, The "Fight against rules" LP (lim. 406, black)

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The Corpse were pioneers of hardcore thrash in Poland. They started in 1985 and their classic "Fight Against Rules" demo, released in 1988, was a milestone in the history of the Polish HC/Punk scene. Their massive aggressive sound was unique and unexpected in the Eastern European bloc at the time. Their perfectly executed Hardcore Thrash Crossover was influenced by bands like Discharge, Accused, Attitude Adjustment and Poland`s Moskwa. Not without controversy, they were rejected by many punk traditionalists. At the same time, they were a starting point for the more DIY-oriented, self-aware hardcore scene that exploded in Poland in the late 80`s with networks of contacts and bands like U.O.M., H.C.P., Od Jutra, Nadzor, Trybuna Brudu, Chaos, and Political Vermin to name a few. A few thousand of copies of the original demo were sold internationally. They received lots of attention from the worldwide scene thanx to tape-trading and an interview in MRR. They got several offers for international tours and vinyl releases, but due to some of the members problems with obligatory military service in communist Poland, their possibilities were strictly limited. This is the vinyl version of their CD released in 2009 on Refuse and it contains songs from their classic "Fight Against Rules" demo from 1988 and one additional song from 1989 (appeared on 2nd version of the demo). Released w/ 16-page page booklet with the lyrics, biography, band interview and tons of rare pictures. Remastered by Smok and Dziurex (Studio As One). Refuse 2016
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